Saturday, November 8, 2008

Disney & Sanrio Little Taps Pre-order #2! (CLOSED)

"Hi people! =)
I have re-open Little taps Preorder, as there are a few customers who still want to get little taps, so i reopen for you guys little taps fans out there. hee~ but i will only open for a very short period of time only! So grab fast! Before preorder close!"

*Please refer to 'Little Taps Pre-order 1' for each character details and videos.
*Closing on 19 November 2008, 1am!
For Pre-order 2, please note that price has increased:
Selling each @ $35!
*Postage fees not included.

Capping both Available & OOS at 9/5

*David - 1 hello kitty, 1 melody, 1 kuromi, 1 kurousa & 1 shirousa. -PAID- -collected-
*Pin Xun - 1 kuromi. -PAID- -collected-
*Annie - 1 melody. -PAID- -collected-
*Ashley - 1 kuromi & 1 stitch(last). -PAID- -collected-

*all payments received.
*orders sent. awaiting for stocks arrival.
*Stocks will arrive next week between 1 Dec-6 Dec. (Sorry for the delay, cos supplier ordered extra stocks so shipment has delayed.)
*Stocks arrived today! 4 dec 2008, thursday. Ready for collection~=)


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Announcement on 'Little Taps Pre-order'!

Hi to all little taps lovers =))

After 'Little Taps Pre-order 1' is closed, I won't be opening for 2nd pre-order. Cos supplier said after this batch they are increasing the price. T.T~*cries*

If I were to open 2nd pre-order, each little taps will be increased to $35 each.
So to all little taps lovers! if you really interested in any of these little taps, do hurry and pre-order them now!

I have sent in all orders except for those who haven pay. But no worry, you can still sent in orders to me if you wana get. But please do it asap, or i can't get any stocks for you.

>Stocks will arrive after 25th october, latest you can collect the stocks from me is end of october. I will contact you guys for collection.

>I will be closing 'Little Taps Pre-order 1' on 22th October 2008, 1am.

Lastly, for those who still keen to pre-order for the 2nd round despite the increase of price. I will put up a poll on the my right side 'Announcement'. Please vote! If response good, i will open again. If no one wants, i won't be opening.

Thanks to ALL who read this! =D

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Disney & Sanrio Little Taps Pre-order #1! (CLOSED)

- Disney Little Taps are currently for sales in Japan only. Not available in Singapore. So these are all Japan imported items.
- It had almost all of the Disney Famous Cartoon Characters, the most popular Mickey & Minnie, Hello Kitty and so on.
- Each are come with 3 different combinations of Disney Classic or Theme Songs.
- Each song will play for 60 seconds- Different characters will come with it unique dancing style.
- Each Character is standing on a small stage with has 2 button and a speaker build on it.
- Button “A” is to start and stop the song and dancing.
- Button “B” is to mute the song.
- Once you press the Button "A", it will start play the song and the cartoon will start American tap-dancing.

Let Get Tap Dance~- The special of this “Toons” is that you can connect another Little Taps on the existing dancing Little Tap, it will start dancing together.

Let Form A Dancing Band!- The more you connect them, the more style it will perform- Here the Video, Enjoy Viewing:

It makes a great gift for any occasion; birthdays, teachers' day and stock up now for Christmas too!We have many designs but limited quantity.For queries, please email us at

Hurry! Items Selling Fast, Limited Stock Available! Quick Grab One While Stock Last!
Jack Nightmare,
Mickey (baby blue base),
Minnie (pink base),
Vintage Mickey (dark blue base),
Vintage Minnie (red base),
Mono Mickey (black white),
Mono Minnie (black white),
Hello Kitty,


*For OOS ones, i will only know are there any stock when the stocks arrived. You will have to place your order and make your payment first. I will full refund if there is no stock for OOS ones.
*Stocks will arrive around mid-end of october.

*Orders will be sent in once i received all full payment.
*Orders sent in.
*Stocks arrived early on 18 Sept 2008.

Selling each @ $30!
*Shipping fees included. Mailing fees not included.

Capping both Available & OOS at 7/5

*chipdalehouse - 1 chip & 1 dale -unpaid-
*Ruihua - 1 chip, 1 dale & 1 donald -PAID--collected-

*Genevieve - 1 pooh & 1 melody -PAID--collected-


Saturday, September 20, 2008